Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide educational format for grass based agriculture that:

  • Supports low energy and non-industrial ways of farms
  • Encourages family lifestyles that promote cohesive, economical and healthy rural living skills and; seeks to build morale and enthusiasm in the farming community.

We offer a big thank you to our sponsors that have helped to underwrite the cost of the field day.

Their contributions make the field day possible. There is no entrance fee for the day’s activities or set price for food.

The food stands are sponsored by the parochial schools special education parents and your donation for the food helps with funding their special education program

Our Planning Committee

Planning Committee

  • Jerry & Gloria Miller
  • Lloyd & Edna Miller
  • Daniel & Esther Yoder
  • Jacob & Elmira Yoder
  • Vernon & Marlene Shetler
  • Aaron & Elmina Hershberger

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Farmstead: John Roy & Dorcas Schlabach
  • Homemaker: Ivan & Emma Keim
  • Natural Resources: Mike & Anna Marie Hershberger
  • Children’s: Joseph & Joanna Miller
  • Poultry: Aden & Wilma Troyer

Committee Guidelines & Principles

  1. Promote and teach Family Farm grass-based farming; especially dairying by efficient anima/acre grass utilization and comparable least cost of operation.
  2. Provide on this Day a whole family educational format in a least commercial-industrial way that is adapted to Amish type of farming.
  3. Teach the many benefits and values of grassfed, organic and local foods produced by farmers and families.
  4. Educate possibilities in other non-industrial farming endeavors such as woodlot and pond management, direct farm marketing, produce growing, ecological and fertility concerns, nature appreciation, and such. Subjects that can be an aid to small family farm/Amish type farming.
  5. Acquaint non-farm families to the above activities and also to teach “Basic Living from the Land Skills: to all, with more home-created subsistence, such as gardening, orchard, and other simple homemaking skills that promote family-cohesiveness, and more economical and healthy rural living.
  6. Vendors and invited speakers need to be promoting sustainable rural lifestyle and farming practices. The focus is not selling things or promoting consumerism but tools and information that support small family farms and healthy rural living.